From Bookbinder Nancy Martin

It is a great pleasure to restore a book that you have cherished – a book that you want to keep, read again and again, and pass on to family or friends. Most repairs in this area are reasonably straight forward; reattaching spines, covers, and loose pages. Occasionally a book needs its cover completely replaced, but in general I do the least invasive repairs, seeking to retain as much of the original nature of the book as possible.

It helps me to hold the book in my hands, turn its leaves, and check the basic strength of its materials and structure. From there we can discuss options for bringing it back into the condition you desire. I will provide an estimate of time needed for the repair, so you can decide how to proceed.

There are books which are rare or uniquely bound, such as fine old leather or vellum volumes which deserve the care of a Book Conservator to ensure that repairs do not diminish their value. If I find this is the case, I will refer you to someone with that expertise.

I am a member of the Guild of Book Workers, and follow their guidelines in selecting materials which are archival in quality. This means they are designed to not interact with the original materials in ways that would cause discoloration or premature aging. I take pictures at various steps throughout the repair process. My report to you will include both photos and a description of the steps in the repair. I will also note any interesting discoveries I make along the way.

I will provide you with an estimated cost for the work needed. Often this is in the $60 - $100 range, while books in especially poor condition may require special care-filled attention and therefore more cost.

The Traveling Book Doctor

This Fall, NW Bookbinding is expanding our book repair services through a new program “Traveling Book Doctor.” Nancy will be traveling to several small communities in our region; visiting every three months to meet with people, discuss with them what repairs and restorative work their books may need. She will bring books to be repaired back to our home studio and return them on her next trip.

Right now we are making connections in two areas: Burney/ Fall River Mills, California and Klamath Falls, Oregon. We will let you know when events are scheduled and welcome your input of potential future destinations for the Traveling Book Doctor.

Current Schedule:  

Fall River Mills, CA, at Fall River Valley Library:  Thursday, Nov. 16, 2017 from 10 to 12.